Marathon Training – Highlights

So I’ve missed the update for the last couple of weeks. The main reason for this is that I have been on vacation down in Wales so did not have any access to a computer.

So instead of my normal weekly update, I am just going to talk about some of the highlights over the last couple of weeks.
The Much-Feared Cummersdale Hill!
One of our club runs was a route that I had heard about but never had the chance of trying myself. Cummersdale hill. The club often runs hill repeats here as it’s a fairly steep pull up over the space of about a third of a mile.

To be honest, the hill wasn’t nearly as bad as I had pictured it to be. In my head it was going to be similar to the ‘Manor Brow’ climb in Keswick (which I ran as part of the ‘Round the Houses’ race). Thankfully it wasn’t a patch on this. That’s not to say it’s something to be scoffed at though and I imagine a few repeats of this will have legs burning and lungs bursting.

Longest Run Yet!
My parents came to visit me one weekend and on one of the days, together with my Dad, we got in a 13.5 miler.
This was my longest run yet (overtaking my Great North Run last year).
The weather was beautiful, the route was lovely and having company made a world of difference.
I kept the pace steady at around a 9 min/mile (my intended marathon pace) and I actually felt surprisingly good throughout and even managed to knock 12 minutes of my previous best HM time.

Managed to get my girlfriend out for a run!
Just two nights back I had been out for a run along the river with my club and had decided to continue on afterwards and get a few extra miles in.
I gave Becka a call to see if she wanted to join me for any of it and, much to my surprise, she agreed!
I caught up to her at around the 10 mile mark and got in another 2 miles together. It was a lovely end to a nice evening run through some of the nicest parts of my City.

I ran 26.2 Miles!…
…over the space of 1 week.
So completely by accident I managed to run 26.2 miles one week. That’s how far I will need to run in 1 race. I can’t decide if I’m downhearted by this or now. Each run that week didn’t feel too terrible on their own, but the thought of having to do them all back to back…well that’s just scary!


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