Marathon Training – Week 4

Getting a lot closer to the big day now! The weeks are flying by a lot quicker than I would like. However, I’m not feeling too nervous just yet. I’m managing my longer runs better than I thought I would, but I’m still a long way from 26.2.

[ Week 4 | 11 Weeks until Edinburgh! ]

Monday – Rest Day.

After the 10 miler on Sunday I was glad for a rest day today. I did absolutely nothing other than sit and rest my legs (play Xbox). It was a good day!

Tuesday – Steady 9 miles, 8:30 min/mile.

I intended on running this very easy as the first mile warm-up seemed to really take it out of me for some reason.However, I also didn’t count on getting lost.

Each week, the running club splits into two groups, the 6 mile group and the 8 mile group. I always try to remember who’s in which group so I know who to follow. I did the same this week and made a mental note of who was going where and, when the run-brief was given, made a note of roughly where the two groups split.

We all started out in a big group and, as always happens, within a mile or two everyone settles into their own pace and the pack spreads out. As we were approaching the area where the split happens I noticed one of the runners in front of me went left and another went right. I recognised the runner who went left as one of the 8 mile group so I decided not to follow her and headed down the path to the right.
I stayed about 50 metres behind the runner in front for the next mile or two and got increasingly concerned that we had taken a wrong turn as she always hesitated at each of the turns. This went on until I rounded a corner and she was stopped dead in the path in front of me. “Are you part of the 6 or 8 mile group” she asked me. “I think we’re both in the ‘I’m lost group'” I replied.

Turns out I was right. She had taken a wrong turn at the point I presumed was the split and I had blindly followed suit. Now we were both lost in the middle of a giant housing estate where all the roads looked the same.
We decided to run the rest together as hopefully one of us would recognise something sooner or later. Shortly thereafter, after weaving through a few samey looking cul-de-sacs, I spied a pub. Immediately I had by bearings and managed to get us back on track (probably not the right track, but as least I knew how to get back to the finish zone).
We realised that, thanks to our detour of a few miles, we were probably behind the back-marker now so upped the pace. At first I wasn’t sure my legs were going to be able to keep up the quicker pace, but after a mile or so they seemed to realise I wasn’t going to be slowing down any time soon and the fatigue lifted.

We made it back to the finish zone and my watch showed we were about 2 miles over what we should have been at (and about a minute per mile quicker than I was intending).

So what started off as a bit of a crappy run, turned into one of my favourite Tuesday outings this year. All I can conclude is: Get lost now and again, it’s fun!


Wednesday – Rest day.

Thursday – Easy 6.5 miles, 9:24 min/mile.

Out with the beginner group again tonight. They’ve made a slight change to the format in that even the run-backs are now capped at 10 minute/miles.
While this does keep the group together better, I actually found it rather difficult to stick to this pace for the full route and often found my pace creeping up on the run-backs just so that my legs could get properly opened up.
I think that from now on I may have to do the odd Thursday by myself rather than with the group as I really need to be going a little bit quicker for my training.

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – No Run. Climbing

First time down at Eden Rock in weeks! Thoroughly enjoyed my session and I was climbing well, but I was exhausted after only an hour and a half. It seems the conditioning from running doesn’t translate into vertical movement that well.

Becka’s car has recently been written-off by another driver so she wanted an excuse to go drive her new shiny courtesy car. What better place for a drive than into the Lake District, and to top it off we stopped for lunch at a local American-style diner.

Sunday – Easy 10 miles, 9:10 min/mile

The weather was awful this morning and I didn’t much feel like going out at all, let alone going for a longer run. So I decided to compromise with myself and just get in a short, fast run instead.
I started off slow until my calves eased off (I need to start foam rolling after my runs). This took way further than intended and I was already about 3.5 miles in when my legs started to loosen off. The weather had also cleared up completely and it was turning into a lovely afternoon. Since I was already this far in, I decided I may as well just continue on and get a few more miles in.

I ended up getting a little over 10 miles done which I was happy with since it was an unexpected long run.

Planned miles for the week – 20
Actual miles for the week – 26.5

Whats your favourite cross-training sport?


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