Marathon Training – Week 3

Late again this week. I really need to start getting these uploaded on a Sunday night.

[ Week 3 | 12 Weeks until Edinburgh! ]

Monday – Rest Day.

I did nothing at all today. Tried to stay off my feet as much as possible as legs still felt a bit achey.

Tuesday – Easy 8.5 miles, 9:00 min/mile.

Legs felt a bit better today but still sore for the first 4 miles. Seemed to ease off for the second half though.

The run was a steady uphill for the first 3 mile before retracing our steps for a nice downhill shakeout. Add on my run too and from the club run and it was another great route.

Wednesday – Rest day.

Very stiff this morning. Legs just don’t seem to be recovering well from last week’s cold. I’m also beginning to suspect it might be partly due to my trainers being 6 years old and having far too many miles on them…
I ordered some new trainers this evening as I’ll want something ready for Marathon day!

Thursday – Easy 6.5 miles, 9:24 min/mile.

New trainers arrived and well, wow! It’s like running on marshmallows. I didn’t realise how bad the cushioning had become on my old pair until i had something to compare them too. It turns out every step doesn’t have to be agonisingly painful. Who knew?


Asics GT-2000

Friday – No Run. Walk.

Becka and myself had an evening walk around a local tarn. Usually this place is far too busy to have an enjoyable stroll but tonight it was pitch black and required head torches to see your way. The place was dead apart from, strangely, hundreds of these guys…

Saturday – No Run. Climbing

Spent the morning down at Penrith climbing wall. First time i’ve been climbing all week so really enjoyed this session.

Sunday – Easy 10 miles, 9:10 min/mile

Since I missed my last two long runs I wasn’t sure how I’d fair with this one. It was also a little risky going out so far with new shoes. Especially considering how prone I am to blisters and that this was the longest run I’d attempted in over 3 months.
Both of my worries were unfounded though. The run fealt great. Miles 4-8 were some of the most enjoyable miles I’ve had in a while. Even after I’d finished my legs weren’t as akin to jelly as im used to after a run.
There was also not a single blister to be found, or even any hot spots for that matter. For me, this is a first. I can’t recommend these shoes enough!

Planned miles for the week – 20
Actual miles for the week – 25

What started off a painful week, ended up being great. I got my longest run in over 3 months and to top it off, I felt great during and afterwards.Definitely a bit of a confidence booster for what’s to come.
Any other shoe recommendations for marathon distance?


One thought on “Marathon Training – Week 3

  1. Hi Luke. Glad you are enjoying your running. Yes, the right shoe can make a difference. Given our family trait of lopsided legs and hips, I would suggest you get yourself along to to a sports physio for a once over on posture and gait. Take their advice on your running style and then get along to a specialist running shoe shop to get fitted properly. I could never get above the 15 mile distance because my hip used to start hurting. It took me years to get proper advice and now I have a properly fitted heel raise which makes the world of difference, even on the short distances I am now plodding along! You may also avoid building up problems for later years with back and hips. Good luck for the big one! xx


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