Marathon Training – Week 2

A day late with this week’s update, but here we go!

I entered this week feeling good. I’d had a nice relaxing weekend at my parents place and was looking forward to getting in some good miles during week. If the weather held off the plan was to get out on the trails for something longer next weekend.

[ Week 2 | 13 Weeks until Edinburgh! ]

Monday – No run. Climbing.

Down at the Penrith wall today with Becka. Started off slow, but got a few good climbs in towards the end of the night.

Tuesday – Hill Reps, 9.5 miles, 9:06 min/mile.

Tonight was Kenyan Hill reps. Tonight was torture. Tonight my legs don’t want to move another step.
Kenyan hill reps differ from normal hill reps in that instead of easing off the pace when you get to the top, you actually up your pace and sprint back down to the bottom. You then have 45 seconds of rest before doing it all again…and again and again. Six reps in total!
The combined up and down section is around 1km long, so it’s a lot of sustained effort. Couple that with the 2.5 miles there and back and my legs are feeling rather jelly-like.

Wednesday – Rest day.

As I struggled up and down the stairs in the office today, I was very glad for the rest day!
I also seem to have caught the cold that my parents had at the weekend 😦

Thursday – Easy 6.5 miles, 9:09 min/mile.

Out with the running club again tonight. Same route as last week. Legs were still tired from Tuesday’s hills and I’ve now got a full on head cold, so this wasn’t the most fun run I’ve ever had.

Friday – No run. Climbing

Tonight was the final round (of 5) of the Winter Bouldering League. This was my first attempt at a league and it’s been great fun. Even walked away with a new Scarpa hoody for my efforts.

Saturday – No run. Climbing

Down at Kendal climbing wall today with Becka. Didn’t do a huge amount as the cold was starting to take its toll.

Sunday – Easy 3 miles, 9:20 min/mile

Spent the majority of the day in bed. Cold has really taken it out of me and my whole body feels weak. Managed to get out later in the day for a slow 3 mile jog but my legs felt like lead and I just couldn’t puch myself any further or faster.
Definitely having a rest day tomorrow.

Planned miles for the week – 17.5
Actual miles for the week – 19

I managed to surpass my planned miles for the week, but only just. The cold really took it out of me. I normally don’t mind running with a head cold but this one seems to have really effected my recovery. My legs just never got better after Tuesday’s hill sprints.
Hoping it’s all cleared up by next week ready for next Tuesday’s run.

Any tips for recovery after cold/flu?


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