Marathon Training – Week 5

This was a low mileage week for me. With only two runs scheduled and neither one being a long run, I felt at a bit of a loose end on most days....However, Saturday was something else! [ Week 5 | 10 Weeks until Edinburgh! ] Monday – Rest Day. I always enjoy my Monday rest … Continue reading Marathon Training – Week 5


Marathon Training – Week 4

Getting a lot closer to the big day now! The weeks are flying by a lot quicker than I would like. However, I'm not feeling too nervous just yet. I'm managing my longer runs better than I thought I would, but I'm still a long way from 26.2. [ Week 4 | 11 Weeks until Edinburgh! … Continue reading Marathon Training – Week 4

Marathon Training – Week 3

Late again this week. I really need to start getting these uploaded on a Sunday night. [ Week 3 | 12 Weeks until Edinburgh! ] Monday – Rest Day. I did nothing at all today. Tried to stay off my feet as much as possible as legs still felt a bit achey. Tuesday – Easy … Continue reading Marathon Training – Week 3


Marathon Training – Week 2

A day late with this week's update, but here we go! I entered this week feeling good. I'd had a nice relaxing weekend at my parents place and was looking forward to getting in some good miles during week. If the weather held off the plan was to get out on the trails for something … Continue reading Marathon Training – Week 2