Marathon Training – Week 1

So if you’ve been reading my previous posts you’ll know that I’ve gone and signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon in May. I’ve never run a marathon before, or even close to the 26.2 miles it will ask of me. In fact, the closest I’ve come is last years Great North Run half marathon, and even that was a struggle.

So you may be wondering why I’ve gone and jumped in at the deep end. Well, without going in to too much detail (you can read more about why, here), I needed something major to aim towards. And other than an Ultra, there’s not many more events more major than a marathon. Only 1 in every 200 people have ever run the 26.2 mile event. If I manage to complete this goal I can class myself as one of these privileged few.

[ Week 1 | 14 Weeks until Edinburgh! ]

Monday – No run. Climbing.

Monday is the first day of whichever new set goes up at the bouldering wall. It’s a great chance to get on the holds before they become greasy and covered in rubber. It’s also great strength training.

Tuesday – Easy 9 miles, 9:06 min/mile.

Almost didn’t leave the house today. The rain was coming down in sheets and the wind was blowing a gale. Decided I couldn’t afford to put off training any longer so wrapped up warm and headed out to the Club run.
Very glad I did as my legs felt great today! Took it nice and easy and thoroughly enjoyed being back out on the roads (even if I was battling the wind most of the way).


Didn’t bother recording the warm up

Wednesday – Easy 3 miles, 9:19 min/mile.

I was tired today after Tuesday’s session, but I still got out and got a few miles in. Slight rubbing on the inside of my right foot. Not enough to blister but pretty close. My shoes are due a replacement soon so could be because of this.

Thursday – Easy 7 miles, 9:09 min/mile.

Out with the beginners group at the club tonight. It’s capped at 10 min/miles but to keep the group together, the front runners do multiple run-backs to the slowest runner. I use these as little sprint intervals so end up still getting a great workout.


Friday – No run. Climbing

Went to the local sport climbing wall today. The longer routes are still great strength training but also massively improve stamina levels too.


Finally completed a climb I’ve been working on for weeks.

Saturday – Rest day!

Off to the North East today to visit family. No better way of spending your rest day.


Gotta love rest days!

Sunday – Rest day.

Was meant to be out for a 5 miler today, but family plans dictated otherwise. Not too fussed about missing this one as I was already 6 miles over my weekly goal (according to my training plan).

Planned miles for the week – 13
Actual miles for the week – 19

I had a good week considering I’ve been in a bit of a runners lull recently and this was my first proper start at my Marathon training.
I didn’t get out for my Sunday run, but since I don’t get to see my family that often, I can afford the loss this time.

Anyone else training for a marathon this year?


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