So I Signed up for a Marathon…

One thing I clearly remember after crossing the finish line of last years half marathon was the person next to me’s finish line quote:

“How on earth can anyone run two of those, back to back?!”

I couldn’t have agreed more. My calves were bruised from cramping, and the 13.1 miles of pounding had done a number on my knees and feet. I was in pain! The thought of doing it all again straight afterwards didn’t even register.

After I finished my half marathon, my training suffered. With nothing new to aim for and the Christmas period coming up, the reasons to stay indoors became more and more tempting. After all, what’s the point of a training run when you have nothing to train for.
Other than the Santa Dash and a Christmas Day ParkRun, I managed a single 10-mile race around the holiday period (Brampton to Carlisle), but it was such a last minute affair that it didn’t really impact my training. I also knew that I could manage 10 miles relatively easy so that also didn’t spur me to train more.

Ideally what I needed was something to aim for. Perhaps signing up for another half marathon or a 14 miler. If I was feeling brave, there was a 20 mile race coming up in April that would be perfect…I took it one step further.


On May 28th I will be stood at the start line of the Edinburgh Marathon. Ahead of me will be 26.2 miles of roads before I can cross the finish line.
That’s exactly 13.1 miles more than I have ever run before. And even that was a struggle. I also only have 16 weeks to train. That may sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. Ideally I would like twice as long.

Currently my “long” runs are only averaging around 8 miles, so I’ve got some serious work in front of me if I hope to cross the finish line in one piece. My plan is to start upping my mileage by around 10% each week. This will get me into Marathon distance territory within 13 weeks which allows 3 weeks of tapering before race day.
In a perfect world this seems like it could all fall into place nicely. Unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world and I already struggle to fit in my running commitments around other parts of my life.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating this blog on how my training is progressing as well as any other races that I manage to fit in (none currently scheduled but hoping to get in at least another half-marathon before race day.)
Any training tips or suggestions you have, please comment them below. I think I’m going to need all the help I can get this time!


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