A Slight Hiccup

Just a short update this week.

Things have not gone to plan.

It started with a trip back over to Northumberland to see my family and its latest addition, my nephew, Ezra. My mum had been ill all weekend but had blamed it on a food intolerance to something she had eaten on the Friday night.

Other than that, it was a great weekend. I got in a couple of short ‘rest-day’ runs and on Saturday my Dad and I went out and did a 10 mile loop along quiet, country roads. We had both, unfortunately, missed out on the ballot for the London Marathon and were discussing whether we fancied doing Edinburgh instead.

(We still haven’t decided 100%, but it’s looking likely that Edinburgh is going to be my first ever Marathon attempt. The training begins…)

I headed home on the Sunday evening ready for work the next day and looking forward to hitting the 30 day streak mark which was now only 3 days out.

8 hours later I was crouched on the bathroom floor, expelling the contents of my stomach into the toilet. In terms of vomiting bugs, this one was fairly low on the pleasantness scale. Even small sips of water weren’t staying down and whenever I tried walking (or standing) I was immediately hit with a wave of nausea.

A few hours into this, a couple of things dawned on me.
The first, I don’t think it was a food intolerance my Mum had.
The second, I don’t think I was going to make my daily run.

I kept thinking that I’d start to feel better as the day went on and that I may be able to get out later. But, try as I might, I just wasn’t able to move far without vomiting. By around 9pm I still felt no better so decided that the streak had ended and went to bed.

It took another few days before I felt myself again. I actually wasn’t too bothered about ruining the streak. I established last week that I wasn’t running just for the sake of keeping the streak going any more, but because I was enjoying it. What did bother me was not being able to get out for a run in 4 days. I was going stir-crazy. I’ve spent those days planning my long weekend run and getting excited at the thought of being out again. I’ve currently narrowed my choices down to one of two possibilities. Both are 10-11 mile routes that loop around one of the Lake District’s lakes. If all goes well, I’ll do a write up of the route I chose at some point next week.

I never thought I’d be the type of person who would get restless when they weren’t able to do exercise, especially an excercise that I actively avoided up until 10 months ago. But, here I am about to lace up my trainers and go running for the first time since Sunday…and I couldn’t be happier!


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