A Slight Hiccup

Just a short update this week. Things have not gone to plan. It started with a trip back over to Northumberland to see my family and its latest addition, my nephew, Ezra. My mum had been ill all weekend but had blamed it on a food intolerance to something she had eaten on the Friday … Continue reading A Slight Hiccup


Running Every Single Day

So I've started a running streak. Not to be confused with a streaking run. I mean, technically you could combine both into one event, but for fear of chaffing I decided this wasn't the time nor the place. So what is it? Well, last week I mentioned about how a few make-believe badges were my … Continue reading Running Every Single Day

Addicted to Running

Running is addictive. Unfortunately for me, so is everything else I've ever tried. I have a massively addictive personality and once I find something new that I enjoy doing I will pursue it relentlessly until I burn myself out. Generally this results it me owning a lot of gear for a hobby that I have … Continue reading Addicted to Running